Carol Behan

Carol Behan is a photographer based in St. Stephen, on New Brunswick’s beautiful Fundy coastline.  She loves exploring that coastline and photographing water-related scenes, such as seashores, lighthouses, waterfalls and rapids.  

She also loves travelling, and in far-off pre-Covid days, she and her husband, Alex, liked to spend the winters in warm places, such as Panama or Cuba.  In these exotic places, she enjoyed the experience of living a different culture, meeting friendly people, seeing beautiful cities and beaches, trying new foods and practicing her Spanish! She has also travelled extensively in the US and Canada, visiting the well-known tourist attractions and the not-so-famous ones.

She likes to take notes of her most memorable experiences and write them up in the form of short articles, specifically aimed at those who love to travel and take photos, as she does.  She hopes that through her writing and photos, others will be able to enjoy her travels as much as she does.

She and Alex have posted many of their photos on their Flickr page, ‘Fundy Coast Galleries’. Take a look!:

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