Social Promo Days on the First of the Month

Over on the Travel Variety Facebook page and the Travel Variety Community Facebook group, we have dedicated the first of the month as the day for travel-related business owners to post their promotional links.

We’ve decided to try containing these advertising links on our social groups within a dedicated thread posted only on the first of the month.

On the first day of each month, the admins will post to start a thread inviting travel-related businesses to reply with their promotional links. As long as the link is travel-related and doesn’t violate group rules, advertizing on this thread will be welcome.

Our hope is that this approach will leave lots of space on the page and in the chat group to enjoy more friendly banter, discussions about travel styles, sharing of travel advice, posting about our travel memories and experiences, etc., instead of having the group be overrun with advertisements.

The first of the month is promo day on the Travel Variety Facebook page and Travel Variety Community Facebook group

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